The 10 Best AI Tools For Content Marketing


Are you a content marketer who’s recently turned AI-phobic? Well, we have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that AI isn’t after your job! It’s here to make your workflow easier and faster. The bad news is that most marketeers are not using it effectively. In present times, not using it as a part of your web content marketing strategy might actually make you slower than those who do. Fret not, we’re here to help you learn how you can leverage AI technology for your work. Read this blog and cherry-pick the best AI tools for you from the top 10 we’ve shortlisted and be irreplaceable in your work-force.

Why You Should Use AI-Powered Web Content Marketing Tools

Know how platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify predict the content you would like to consume and recommend it to you front and center on your home page? This kind of tech-sorcery is done by predictive machine learning algorithms without any human intervention. And the platforms owe a humongous amount of subscriber engagement to them!

The AI-powered branded content marketing tools shortlisted below aren’t very different. They use machine learning algorithms to automate the decision-making processes in your content marketing funnel. The AI tools collect data from consumer research; interpret and analyze it together with the market trends to anticipate buyers’ needs and preferences. That’s how e-commerce AI tools arrive at their decisions, which help content marketers create or improve their marketing strategy at impressive speeds.

AI generated content marketing applications like ChatGPT can be used to boost your performance at work and will soon be specialized-skill set for content creators and marketers, if it isn’t already.

The 10 Best AI Tools You Can Use for Branded Content Marketing

Here are the 10 best AI tools you can start using in your content marketing strategy right after you finish reading this blog:

1. MarketMuse

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a superb option for marketers who are looking for an all-around AI-based marketing tool. It boasts of applying AI technology in each and every service it offers. The AI tool is created for businesses that need help to craft optimized long-form content such as that of emails, articles, sales copy and landing pages.

It first conducts AI-powered deep research on a given topic to collect an enormous amount of relevant data. It then generates a first draft according to the chosen subject and helps the user get a headstart with their copy. It even includes a content brief based on all the collected data that serves as a guide for the user, along with KPIs. The user can proceed to edit the copy with the assistance of the inbuilt editor and shape it as per the AI tool’s suggestions.

2. Manychat

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Manychat

Manychat has mastered the technology of AI chatbots to an extent that any marketer can use it to automate their brand page’s responses on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It has therefore made its mark forever in the world of AI chatbots. It is easy enough to be used without any coding knowledge and very thoughtfully designed for marketing, advertising and sales applications. With Manychat, marketers can set up a new chatbot in as little as 20 minutes.

3. Surfer

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Surfer

Surfer is all about SEO. It utilizes AI software to optimize blogs, articles, and other copy for searches. Designed especially for technical SEO, this easy-to-use AI tool allows its users to completely audit their content and find its ranking in comparison with their competitors’ content, taking into consideration factors such as keyword density, content length, number of headings, image hashtags, semantic NLP terms and more. It is also capable of evaluating keywords according to the BERT method by Google and has more than 500 ranking metrics for analyzing content.

Surfer users firstly have to choose their target audience, niche and domain. The AI tool then gives them actionable insights by providing top-ranking keywords, suggesting an entire content outline structure, and even defining the optimum image density for their content. Users copy-paste their content or can work on Surfer directly as it has a built-in text editor. While editing their content, they can actually see their SEO score change in real time. Surfer can be integrated with tools like Google Docs, WordPress and And it has a reassuring list of clients including Viacom, Quantas, Shopify and FedEx.

Long story short, it’s all you need to increase organic traffic.


Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Emplifi is an AI-powered social media management and marketing tool for marketers to efficiently manage multiple social media pages on a single dashboard. It can be used for social publishing, campaign execution, engagement tracking, follower analysis as well as influencer tracking. The AI tool’s unified dashboard allows you to find and examine your influencers’ online activity and keep in touch with them.

Global companies like Pinterest, McDonald’s, YouTube and Instagram have benefited from And it’s just as beneficial in the process of content marketing for startups.

5. Seventh Sense

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Seventh Sense

For an effective email marketing strategy, marketers must know the best times to achieve high open rates, which is impossible to achieve for each and every customer. But with the power of AI in marketing, Seventh Sense analyzes the perfect times for email marketing campaigns for each contact. The AI tool does it by creating a predictive model for every contact according to their activity.

Seventh Sense is an AI-based email marketing tool which you can use to ensure timely delivery of emails to each of your customers. It’s a personalized application that allows you to engage with your TG better by knowing the most optimal time for when they will be checking their emails. The smart AI tool also increases email deliverability, improving the sender score. For companies sending out thousands of emails every week, it’s quite an important parameter.

6. Brandwatch

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Brandwatch

Brandwatch’s suite offers 2 major solutions: social media management and consumer intelligence. They can be applied for a plethora of use cases including brand management, market research, influencer marketing, customer service and crisis management.

Moreover, it was launched more than a decade ago, so you can expect a goldmine of data from it as well as immense help in putting the data to effective use. Brandwatch’s AI-based consumer intelligence (CI) tool generates actionable insights that help users understand their customers better and see where their brand fits in the market. It provides useful insights about the customers’ perception of their products, brand and trends in the industry. Users can easily make sense of all the collected data and insights through Brandwatch’s simple UI by selecting one of the many ways of live visualization. In this way, Brandwatch helps businesses be responsive and agile in the rapidly evolving market of the current times.

7. Optimove

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Optimove

Optimove offers AI generated content marketing functions to effectively utilize the customer data it stores. It helps users collect customer data from various online platforms and sum it all up on a single dashboard. With Optimove, marketers can analyze and share important information and create effective marketing strategies and campaigns without any hassle.

Optibot, Optimove’s advanced AI tool, performs a detailed analysis of all the provided consumer data to offer deep consumer insights. It can even suggest the campaigns that are ideal for execution according to the consumers’ exposure to your marketing content and inform you about the customers who are overexposed to the brand’s communication. Optimove is trusted by brands like Sweaty Betty, the New York Racing Association Inc. (NYRA) and John Hardy. Therefore, it’s a promising choice for marketers who’re looking to dig deep into consumer insights.


Best AI Tool for Content Marketing


Previously named, is one of the best AI tools for the creation of marketing copy/content for ads, articles, social media posts, landing pages, emails. etc. In order to write text that sounds human, it uses OpenAI’s GPT3 model along with a proprietary LLM that is trained specifically with live sales and marketing content. has more than 50 templates for AI-powered content creation, including Facebook ad and Google ad generators.

All a user has to do is add details like their brand’s and product’s name and description, the required tone of voice and style, the content marketing funnel in plain language, and the software generates the ad copy itself. This AI-powered copywriting tool can also come in handy to e-commerce businesses for generating product descriptions. can produce bullet points for Amazon products’ features and write their meta titles as well as meta descriptions very fast and at scale. It can produce an article of 1500 words within 15 minutes. Now, that’s the power of AI generated content marketing.

9. Brand24

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Brand24

Reputation is a critical factor in the success or failure of any business. With the AI-based social media monitoring software of Brand24, brand marketers can remain sufficiently informed about positive as well as negative online feedback about their brand in real time and have a chance to successfully tackle issues before things get out of hand.

Brand24 analyzes online conversations about brands, products and also their competitors across the whole internet, including popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Other than keeping track of your brand’s reputation, the AI tool also allows you to find positive user-generated content for marketing campaigns. Intel, Uber and Stanford University are a few of Brand24’s noteworthy clients. However, Brand24 is a great option when it comes to content marketing for startups as well.

10. Influencity

Best AI Tool for Content Marketing

Source: Influencity

Influencer marketing has proven to be quite an effective trend in the last few years, and it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. From product hauls to product reviews to sponsorships and traditional advertising, online influencers mean big business for all kinds of brands – big or small, old or new.

Influencity claims to be “the most complete influencer marketing platform” in the current marketplace, and it truly is one of the best AI tools for the purpose. Its clients are giants such as Samsung, WPP and Kellogg’s, and it helps them reach and manage influencers for collaborations on marketing campaigns and then examine their effectiveness as well. All popular social media sites are covered by the AI tool. Influencity provides easy-to-understand statistics, and its users can work on multiple brands with supreme efficiency. This makes it worthy of being a marketer’s one-stop solution for influencer marketing.

The very existence of these AI tools suggests that AI in marketing is here to stay. Given the exceptional benefits that AI-based machine learning algorithms provide, it is clear that a revolution of AI technology has begun in full swing. With such cutting-edge technology at their fingertips, the smallest of startups can compete with the largest of enterprises for global success. Hope our curation of the ‘best AI tools’ for marketing helps you become more confident in your work by making use of these apps and softwares.

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