Christmas can be a busy time for your business if you have the right holiday marketing strategies.

If you haven’t developed your holiday strategy already, you need to start immediately. 

Here are some of the best marketing ideas for this season:

Launch a video marketing campaign:

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Adding videos to your social media pages, websites or emails can get the company’s message across in a way that encourages users to learn more about your brand.

Retarget customers:

Retarget your customers via email marketing or an impactful ad campaign and that will definitely change their purchasing decisions.

Give your website a festive makeover:

Your website should never look dull during the festive season. Every time a visitor comes to your website, they should feel the joy and festivity.

Provide instant assistance to your customers by adding a live chat feature:

Customer queries increase significantly when the website traffic increases during the festive season. During these times, it is important to provide excellent customer support and proactively engage with your customers. 

Advertise on social media:

Social media is a great low cost marketing tool. It helps one reach their target audience and communicate with them in a more effective way. You can post seasonal quotes, unique gift ideas, recipes, run contests and polls for better engagement. 

Focus on the shopper’s emotions:

The holiday season can ignite a lot of emotions ranging from happiness to nostalgia among us and a good marketing strategy will always appeal to these emotions.

Follow these simple tips for crafting a beautiful and effective Holiday Campaign. And if you need any more insights or help for creating an impactful campaign for your brand, feel free to reach out to us at Pop Communications.We specialise in creating campaigns that are deeply rooted in customer insights that resonate with the audience. You may write to us at [email protected]

Wish you a very Merry Successful Holiday Season!

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