We’re no clairvoyants. But we’ve done our research and found out a thing or two… actually TEN – about what marketing in 2023 will look like. And these 10 predictions are full of good news if you’re ready to implement them this year. Read on to get a heads-up on what to expect in marketing trends for 2023.


  • Video content will be short


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The attention span of online audiences continues to shrink. So short-form video content, from IG reels to YouTube shorts, has taken the world of marketing as well as entertainment by storm. It’s one of the quickest ways for brands and talent to get discovered online. According to HubSpot Blogs Research, 90% of marketers who use short-form videos plan to invest the same or more into them next year. And 1 in 5 will leverage this kind of content for the very first time in 2023.


  • Influencer marketing will be a common strategy


Research shows that 89% of marketers doing influencer marketing will increase or maintain their investment in 2023. Clearly, you know it’s working!

There will also be a surge in newbie marketers investing in influencers in 2023 – 17% as per HubSpot.

Our advice: adopt this strategy for 2023.

Can’t afford a popular influencer? That’s all right. More than 56% of marketers who do influencer marketing, do it through micro-influencers according to HubSpot. These are regular people with whom you can relate and therefore the audience takes their opinion more seriously. Got a brand with a very niche TG? Go even smaller with nano-influencers! Start looking for them now!


Source: Eduvert


  • Outsourcing to digital marketing agencies will be popular


Outsourcing is a great way to get more done in less time, without compromising on quality. For small businesses and start-ups, it could mean the difference between making slight progress over the initial years to taking big leaps in their industry. So you’re going to see a lot more brands boost their sales with the help of marketing agencies in 2023.

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  • More websites will interact with you via AI chatbots


Chatbots on websites have proven to be incredibly effective at helping visitors get what they’re looking for. They’re fast, accurate and easy to interact with. Can’t afford to have 24×7 customer service? Online chatbots to the rescue! With an integrated chatbot service provider you’ll have no problem keeping your customers problem-free.

According to Drift, chatbots are the fastest-growing communication channel right now. And as per projections by Statista, the revenue from chatbot marketing is expected to be around USD 454.8 million by 2027. 


Source: Statista


  • Brands will look and sound more human than ever


Source: Twitter


Brands that have a very personal tone of voice will rule in 2023. Many would even personalise themselves for their TG and reveal the faces behind their business to be more relatable.

Making a brand easily differentiable from its competitors is one of the most critical challenges marketers face today. You need to demonstrate your brand’s values and identity and connect with people through them. As a business ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to be more human and interact with your audience in a way that makes them feel you’re real too.


  • Green means business: More brands to turn eco-friendly


More consumers are willing to shell out more for eco-friendly products, simply because they don’t harm the environment.

More brands realise this and will go green in a way that’s more than just a PR stunt. Being sustainable is a great way to boost sales along with your conscience.

A word of caution, don’t underestimate today’s customers. They’re smarter than ever and can smell lies and exaggerations from a mile away, so be honest.


  • Data-driven marketers will steal the show


Data-driven marketers will emerge as the undisputed heroes of 2023. Why? Because data greatly helps you prove the merit of whatever the heck you’re doing to market your brand. And technological advancements help you gather accurate data better and faster (shoutout to our client, QualSights). Dig deeper than the basic demographic information. Know your TG’s hobbies & interests, how they prefer to shop, their media consumption habits, the online communities they’re part of, the everyday challenges they face and the social causes they care about. And then create a buyer persona for your brand. It’ll really help you hit the bullseye when communicating with your customer.


  • Even more marketing content will be mobile-optimised

According to HubSpot, more than half of yearly website traffic comes from mobile devices. As the buying power continues to shift towards millennial and Gen Z consumers, making digital experiences best suited for these devices becomes necessary for a decent reach. And this isn’t just for websites. The same applies to email marketing too. So make sure your emails, websites and ads look good on small screens.


  • User-generated content will change the game


User-generated content like vlogs, blogs, social media posts, etc. by your customers is more trusted by consumers than what the brand or very popular influencers say about the brand’s products. Consumers are more likely to rely on social media platforms like Instagram & YouTube to get reviews from people like them who they trust. So if your brand relies heavily on reviews, adding UGC to your marketing strategy will definitely increase your reach significantly.


  • More brands will bow down to Gen Z


“It’s Gen Z’s world (we’re just living in it). In 2023, do not try to bring Gen Z audiences into your world, but meet them in theirs.” says Julia Hoffman, Director of Google Creative Lab for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Gen Z is forcing marketers, whether B2C or B2B, to change their game. It’s the first generation to have grown up with access to the Internet on mobile devices. This generation doesn’t Google as much as it Instagrams for information and inspiration.

So understand their mysterious mindset, and touch their hearts to taste marketing success – this year and the ones that follow.


P.S – Our team at Pop Communications is all ‘bout that Gen Z life! No cap (translation for boomers & old school millennials reading this: no cap = no lie).

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Happy marketing! Happy 2023! Good luck, go get ‘em!

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