All right! You’ve ended up here looking for the secrets for using Instagram for business like a pro in 2023. So let’s just get down to business, shall we?

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Create an Instagram Business Account and Get The Basics Right

A simple Google search will show you how to create an Instagram business account or convert your regular account into one.

When you’re done, write a captivating bio that best describes why your brand exists, in your brand’s tone of voice. Add the link to your website below it. Have a clear profile picture of 320 x 320 pixels – your logo is the easy way out. Add Contact and Action buttons to your profile. Create catchy IG Highlight albums. Connect your product catalogue through Meta’s Commerce Manager so that you can tag your products in posts and ads. Also turn on Instagram’s shopping feature. Last but not least, know what your IG Analytics has to say about your page from time to time.


Research Your Target Audience Before Creating an Instagram Strategy for Business Growth

Understanding your target audience well is key to creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy and targeted content. IG’s audience demographics can give you a good idea of who uses the platform more.


Instagram for business


Users aged 18-34 years constitute the largest section of audience on IG. However, your audience could be older than the IG average.

You can fetch the demographic information of your existing followers using Instagram Insights or Meta Business Suite. In case you’re just getting started using IG for business, check out the demographics of your audience on other social media platforms and your existing customer base.

Creating buyer personas for your brand would also go a long way in helping you know who exactly your brand is speaking to on IG.


Create a Content Strategy for Instagram

Once you understand your target audience, figure out what to share with them so that they follow your page and engage with it. Decide the frequency at which you will post on IG. You don’t necessarily have to post frequently, but consistently.

Instagram for business

Sounds like a lot? Just sign up for our Instagram marketing services and leave it all to us. We’re a full-service marketing agency, and creating and executing social media strategies & campaigns is our forte.


Make Using Your IG Page as a Sales Channel a Part of Your Content Strategy for Instagram

After you’ve connected your product catalogue and turned on Instagram Shopping, you can actually use your IG page as an online shop where users can buy from you directly. Tag your products in your posts and ads and make them shoppable.

Instagram for business

Source: Shopify

In IG Stories, you can tag your products using product link stickers. Make your DMs, comments and IG Story Questions your mediums of 2-way communication with customers. That’s where you can answer all their queries like a shopkeeper or salesperson and make the business seem more human with personal interactions.


Post IG Reels as They’re Essential for a Successful Instagram Strategy for Business Growth

IG Reels are here to stay, because so is their enormous demand. According to TechCrunch, Reels now consume over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram. So, if we could cover only one point in this blog, this would be it.

You don’t always have to shoot videos to create IG Reels. You can compile photos, create animations and use stock footage with text to communicate key information about your brand, products or offers through them. We do it all the time! But if you’re not opposed to showing your face or have other people on the team who can show theirs, we recommend it – one hundo 💯 – it will always give you better results!


Go Live and With a Purpose To Make The Most of Instagram for Business

It’s amazing for a brand to be able to present something new to potential customers in real time using a smartphone or computer. Organisers of business events and product launches will tell you how much money that can save. What’s more, you can actually have more people watching, that too from the comfort of their couches and beds.

So, always be on the lookout to find a solid excuse to create a live event on Instagram for business growth. And get one of your influencers or brand ambassadors to do the talking.


Have an Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags help IG users find all the content of a particular niche in one place. As mentioned earlier, a hashtag is a great way for your brand to summarize your online campaigns. You can also suggest a hashtag for your audience to include in the content they share. That way, you can easily track and share a lot of user-generated content and get some free marketing too.

How do you choose the right ones? There are 2 effective ways:

  • Come up with original hashtags that are as catchy and intriguing as brand taglines. This is where you let your creative juices flow!
  • Find out relevant hashtags your audience is already interested in. You can check the number of followers a hashtag has by simply tapping/clicking on it.

A good Instagram hashtag strategy will go a long way in growing your business on the platform.


Optimise Your Content for SEO When You Use Instagram for Business

Yup, SEO on Instagram, for Instagram. SEO on Instagram helps you show up higher in the IG search results whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword in Instagram’s search box. Where can you add keywords to optimize your profile/page?

  • Username,
  • Bios,
  • Hashtags,
  • Locations
  • And captions.


Instagram For Business


Adapt To New IG Updates to Keep Using Instagram for Business Effectively

Stories and Reels came into existence many years after Instagram was born. But now, we can’t even imagine Instagram without them.

You don’t have to be Charles Darwin to notice that Instagram is always evolving. And with it, your Instagram content strategy should evolve too. Your current IG business strategy, no matter how effective it is right now, is one IG update away from being outdated. So watch out for those little rascals! The latest IG update – is broadcast channels. It’s in beta mode and selectively available. But should be available to all soon, don’t worry we’ll keep you posted!


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