We’ve taken a pledge: we aren’t resting till we’ve given you all kinds of helpful social media marketing tips for 2023! And after dissecting the effective ways to use Instagram for business, it’s time we delve into those for the other social media biggie: Facebook. So here are some of the effective Facebook Marketing Strategy .

According to DataReportal, Facebook had 2.963 billion monthly active users in January 2023, making it the world’s most ‘active’ social media platform in present times. That’s enough reason to bring in your A-game when it comes to Facebook marketing Strategy this year.


So without further ado, let’s see how to up your Facebook Marketing Strategy game :


  • Know your TG & goals using Meta Business Suite before creating your Facebook marketing plan

Who will buy what your brand is offering? Who do you intend to market to? Are they on FB? How many of them are on FB? What do they use it for and when? These are the questions you need to find answers to before creating your Facebook marketing strategy. If your brand’s FB page already has followers, have a look at your Facebook Audience Insights inside Meta Business Suite to know the demographics of your existing audience. Knowing them is the essential first step to adjusting your content strategy and ensuring it catches the attention of the right eyeballs. It’s also necessary for correct ad targeting. So dig deep.


After that, figure out your marketing goals on Facebook. Do you want more people to follow your page? Do you want to build brand and product awareness? Do you want your FB page to function as an alternate customer service platform? Do you want to drive your FB leads to your main website? Do you wish to actually sell products on FB like in an online store? Just know what you’re doing and why, that’s all.


  • Have a spectacular Facebook Cover Photo: it’s one of the evergreen Facebook marketing tips

Your FB Cover Photo is the first thing a page visitor would notice. And you’ve heard the saying, ‘your first impression is your last’. So make that rectangle count: establish your brand identity, hook the viewer and promote a product, event or offer if it’s hot. Let your Cover Photo reflect your latest marketing campaign on or off FB. Also make sure you change it from time to time so that page revisitors also have something new and interesting to see.


Just be allergic to anything boring. Or get help from those who are. Like us: Pop Communications. We’re an integrated marketing agency, and we’ve designed umphteen FB Cover Photos and ad campaigns for young and old brands. Like this :

Facebook Marketing Strategy


  • Create and join relevant Facebook Groups

It’s no easy task to run a members-only FB Group in addition to your brand’s FB page. It’s like having a second page where you have to post regularly and keep engaging members. So don’t just create one for the heck of it. BUT it may work wonders for your brand if it has a niche target audience that’s very active on the platform. Your brand can then have a community of members who are as loyal as a family.

A simpler option or additional tactic is to join relevant FB Groups that have many members who fall under your TG. And then post on it regularly to reach them and get them to follow your page on Facebook for business growth.


  • Get interactive in the comments section

Encourage people to comment on your posts (literally tell them to) and respond to them promptly and courteously. Why? One big reason is that the posts will then be seen in the commenters’ Facebook Feed too, and their FB Friends are likely within your TG. Another good reason is that FB’s algorithm prioritises posts with high engagement, expanding their reach to those who haven’t seen them in their Feed yet.

Last but not the least, people simply love brands who listen to what they have to say. It makes them feel important and valuable to the brand. So focus on building a RELATIONSHIP. They’re social media posts, not roadside billboards.


  • Run Shoppable Facebook Ads: it’s one of the most important Facebook marketing tips for 2023

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Source: Meta


Wanna get straight to business and make some sweet money? Facebook is a great place to do it in 2023 because the platform has successfully blurred the line between social media and online shopping in recent times. Facebook Shops came into existence in early 2020, allowing brands to sell their products directly through the app. Now, you have Advantage+ Shopping Ads that enable businesses to test creative variations of ads and drive conversions through entirely automated campaigns. They’re a real blessing to ecommerce and direct-to-consumer retail businesses who need to establish their FB Shopping presence this year.


  • Make the most of useful tools & features when you’re running Facebook marketing campaigns

Facebook Insights isn’t the only useful tool on the platform. Get geekier! Make use of Facebook Marketplace as a sales channel for your business. Try a Facebook Chatbot. Install Meta Pixel on your website to allow tracking, testing, targeting, and analytics for FB and IG Ads. Use Facebook Business Manager to control all your paid and organic posts. See the FB Ads other brands have run on Facebook Ads Library. And most importantly, keep checking for new features to use on FB. It’s a fast-changing world; apps like FB keep rolling them out all the time.


  • Have a sound Facebook Ads strategy before running Facebook marketing campaigns

Paid campaigns on FB are feasible for a wide range of budgets. But to create actual conversions, they need to be targeted right. Boosting some of your ‘ady’ posts is a good way to test the waters before launching a full-blown FB Ad Campaign. So is running low-cost test ads before putting the money into a major ad campaign.

Try multiple placements and formats for the ads in your test campaigns. And lastly monitor the test ads’ metrics. That includes impressions, reach, CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click) and conversion rate.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for FB Ads. But finding the right one for your brand and TG isn’t a hard nut to crack either.

Pop Communications has made Facebook ads for all kinds of brands, from food to fashion. Here’s one we made for a hot new restaurant and bar in Goa, called Village 36:


Wish to make the most of our Facebook marketing services? We’ll do all it takes to make your brand POP!


  • Choose the right post types and posting times when you create your Facebook marketing strategy

The various types of posts on Facebook are text (those under 130 characters can have a colourful background), image, video, reels, live video, link, fundraiser and event posts. Then there are FB Stories which stay up for 24 hours. You need to decide how many of which you should post every month, as per your brand and its content.

The second important consideration is their posting time. It’s best to post when your audience is most likely to be online on FB. And the best way to find out those windows of time is A/B testing across different times and days of the week. Put in the effort, it won’t be in vain.

A look at the FB’s global engagement may help too:

facebook marketing strategy

Source: SproutSocial


  • Optimise EVERYTHING for searches

You can post all you want, but it’s of no use unless it’s seen. And SEO is one of the most effective ways to be seen. So make sure to have keyword-rich bios, about info, post captions and everything that has text. It’s a necessary evil. Now you know how to keep up with your Facebook Marketing Strategy!


Pop Communications can be your brand’s personal guide to grow on Facebook in 2023. We plan, execute and analyse FB posts and ad campaigns even for brands who have no presence on the platform and are just starting out.

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May the Meta growth be with you!

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