It’s the season of twinkling lights, Santa’s gifts, jingle bells and endless new year resolutions. Christmas and new years eve are soon to knock on our doors. As we adjust into the new post pandemic world, we are seeing a lot of changes. Zoom calls are becoming meetings, schools, colleges, hotels and restaurants are opening up. People are in high spirits and Christmas could not come at a better time!

Brands listen up ! It’s time to buckle up and get your festive groove on. According to CAIT (The Confederation of All India Traders) shoppers across the country bought products worth Rs 1.25 trillion this Diwali, breaking all records of the last ten years. This resilient demand was a result of the lack of resources and availability for the last two years.

If anything these Diwali statistics are proof that with the ever increasing demand marketers need to be well prepared to end the year’s last festive season on a high note as well!

POP presents – Marketing tips you need to finish the festive season with a flourish.


Customers are on a treasure hunt to get their hands on the best deal during the festive season. How many times have you looked for a Christmas offer or a delayed purchase due to an upcoming new year sale? We do it all the time, right? When the customer is actively seeking your presence, it’s important to be omnipresent with your campaigns and offers.

But being omnipresent requires more than marketing through multiple channels. It needs relevant messaging, consistent efforts and interactive engagement. Let’s take a look at a few ways to achieve that this season.

  • Go to your audience – Omnipresence for a brand  is following your audience and being present there. Do your customers read blogs, newspaper or prefer TV ads?  Leverage anything they might use.
  • Build a dedicated landing page – Direct all buyers to one specific page where the offer is highlighted. Each and every touch point should drive traffic to one page which has the offer details highlighted in the forefront.
  • Collaborate with non competing brands – You know your consumer is not just yours! Take advantage of that and collaborate with other non-competing brands to draw attention.


India is one of the biggest consumers of videos in the world today, with over 5 billion views every month. The pandemic has left us hooked  to our screens and videos are a total crowd pleaser. Let’s take a look at 5 essential video trends you need to keep up to get the jingle bells ringing this season.

  • Interactive videos – VR technology is a part of our world now and it’s popularity is growing. At such a point it’s high time brands adopt it and use it to connect with their consumers.
  • Short form video – Short form videos ruled 2021 and the growth of Instagram reels can attest to that. These videos are 15 secs long but have helped brands reach a wide range of audience. Leverage short form videos to increase your organic reach this holiday season.
  • Sequential storytelling – According to YouTube’s research 74% of users remember sequential ads better than the standard 30 sec ad. Therefore creating videos based on the principle of a sequential story is a good strategy.
  • Shoppable videoThese videos help brands immerse users in a unique story and help them make a purchasing decision. Create shoppable content, it cuts out twists and turns from your consumer journey, making it more direct and increases the probability of a purchase.
  • User generated content – Consumers trust a user review rather than a monologue of you explaining the quality of your product. Advertise through your existing customers, get their feedback on video and some positive reviews, make them your endorsers and you are sure to have a merry return.


Today influencer’s have bridged the gap that celebrity marketing couldn’t. People admire celebrities but celeb endorsements come at a high investment.

Influencer’s are a safe bet when it comes to establishing trust with a brand, they’re a direct and unfiltered connection to your consumer. They’re the new media outlets giving your brand visibility online with your niche audience.

For FMCG products – it is advisable to pick influencers with different audiences to cover all your bases. Get to the right audience with your Christmas and new year offers as it will help your sales go jingling this season. 


The one marketing technique that comes jingling back every year and yet is insanely effective. The communication changes but not the positive message. You just need to find the right hook for your audience. 

Christmas is all about glee and cheer! But in a country like ours it is important to remember the festival is largely celebrated in the metros and the smaller cities are still catching up. For tier 2 cities, through your ads show them how they can do just that – celebrate and spread the cheer.

Talk about the school Christmas plays or the new year party every society has. You can even show off Indianized versions of these festivals!

Follow these holy Christmassy marketing tips wholly and your festive campaign is sure to be a sparkling hit. If you’re looking for a more detailed strategy and personalized approach to make your marketing strategies even more merrier, get in touch with us. We’re happy to play your Christmas Santa and make your marketing wishes come true!

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Good luck with your festive calendar! We hope it Pops! 

Season’s greetings and happy holidays!


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