If you didn’t post it on insta did you even do it? 

Instagram has become a huge part of everyday life. According to Hootsuite, Instagram currently has more than one billion users and 30 minutes is the average time a person spends on the platform. 

With its visual nature and user-friendliness the reach of the platform is growing immensely day by day.

Haven’t you caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through it every few hours?

From stalking your favorite star to purchasing an item, Instagram has come a long way. New features roll out on Instagram almost every week and it’s important to know them inside out. Why?

There’s no saying which new feature will blow up and be used by everyone or help you communicate with your consumers more authentically. Let’s take a look at the short-form video feature introduced not long ago – Instagram reels. Just as it was introduced, reels spread all over Instagram like wild fire.

According to Apptopia, Instagram Reels was released in India on July 12, 2020. Soon after launch, the number of downloads for Instagram increased from 7 million to 7.8 million. This level of growth just by the addition of a single feature is really great. It’s popularity has been growing at an undeniable rate ever since. Post the pandemic with dwindling screen attention spans, short-form video has emerged as the star, and reels has been the brightest, shiniest star of all in the social media galaxy.

Now we cannot imagine Instagram without reels. This is why using a new feature to its maximum capacity can be great for brands to communicate and strike the right chord with their consumers.

Let’s dive in and look at the latest additions to this dynamic list –

1. Add yours sticker

Image: Instagram

What is it?

A sticker – that lets you create and participate in story threads.

Using these, you can not only create your story but actually tell your audience to “add yours” too. 

For instance – start a thread – using your sticker title as ‘best sky images’,  share yours and your audience can keep adding the best sky images they have to the same and keep the content going. TBH it looks like the use of these stickers is spreading faster than omicron and this is one viral trend you definitely want to hop on!

How to leverage it?

  • Use it to connect with your audience and take your engagement through the roof!
  •  Show off your brand personality.
  •  Increase reach and discoverability.                                                                                                             

Pro tip – Start threads that are easy for people to participate in and connect with your brand as well!

2. Dynamic Lyrics

Image: Instagram

What is it?

This cool new feature will add lyrics to your reels in a big bold way. Get access to this feature from the filters section, select and choose any song from Instagram’s wide music library and the lyrics will appear. It’s an easy way to give your insta reel an extra edge!

How to leverage it?

  1. Use this effect to make your reels POP!
  2. It’s a great way to add fun to a fast paced video.

Pro tip – If you’re recreating dance trends, showing off DIY tutorials, this can be a good way to spice up your video.

3. Link sticker

Image: Instagram

What is it?

Instagram has finally taken away the exclusivity of the 10K club. Small time businesses, new creators, it’s time to reap the benefits. Say hello to link stickers – easily accessible for one and all! This new feature is basically rolling out link stickers so everyone can add swipe up links to their stories not just brands and creators who have 10k or more followers.

How to leverage it?

  • Drive more traffic to your website!
  • Make the user’s shopping journey easy – with a direct link to the landing page of the product.
  • We highly recommend it for blogs and linking offers!

Pro tip – Talk about a unique feature of your product in the story and then link the page on your website that gives more information on it – to drive curious users to learn more with just a tap!

4. Add photos from desktop

What is it?

If you were one of those that complained of eye strain and constantly being glued to the phone to be able to post on insta. The management it seems has paid heed to your woes and granted you desktop – publishing rights finally. Sit back, enjoy the large screen, proofread your posts easily and hit publish with the enter key. 

5. Reply with reels

Image: Instagram

What is it?

When words aren’t enough, reel it in. Respond to comments with reels to make your interaction with your audience more fun and even more deep.

How to leverage it?

  • Establish more personal and human connections with the audience that chooses to engage with you.
  • Use to surprise your commenters with content.
  • Make interactions as authentic as possible – it will make your content more likeable, shareable and you more follow-able.

Pro tip – Use this feature, to be more proactive, take witty replies a step ahead. Reply to a comment with a trending reel song or a relatable action to grab attention, humanize the business and also just because.. it’s hella fun.

Now that we’ve updated you with all the new features, it’s time to go, work hard and give your Instagram the facelift it needs. Good luck using the new features, we recommend you use one a day at least and make the most of them.

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