The 21st-century consumer relies on digital media to satisfy their needs and wants. While the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated digital growth, digitalization had already taken root. Brands are now working towards creating an impactful online presence by coming up with their websites. 

Since reliance on search engines is increasing, SEO is in the spotlight now more than ever. Although SEO has been around since a while, it is gaining much prominence now while developing marketing strategies for more online traffic to websites.   

Search engine optimization is as much about search engines as it is about understanding your target audience. What your audience searches for online, the words they use while using a search engine and the type of content they want to consume are all part of SEO. 

In today’s competitive market, SEO friendly blogs help position your brand as relevant and valuable by providing solutions to your consumer’s problems. Blog posts help you rank better in search engines and ensure that users visit your website. 

Below are 7 reasons why your website needs SEO friendly blogs:

Increase Website Traffic

Websites with SEO friendly blogs can nudge the target audience towards your business. When your target audience is actively searching for information about products and services, they are most likely to turn to a search engine for answers. SEO blogs with relevant keywords can help them find your website. 

Once your audience types their search query into a search engine, they see a list of URLs that best-suit their keyword. Advanced Web Ranking discovered that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results. Which means, SEO blogs not only lead to more website views but also increases website traffic. And eventually, this traffic will be converted into customers and leads. 

Get Away Without Loosening Your Purse Strings

One of the most important benefits of blogs with relevant keywords is not paying for ad space. With SEO blogs on your websites, you can get more visibility and traffic without spending on ads. SEO friendly blogs are cheaper and cost-effective. Once Google’s algorithm thinks that your blog content provides valuable and relevant information, your website will rank on page one. All this without spending a penny!

Builds Your Brand

SEO friendly blogs give you an opportunity to build your own brand. It is not what others are saying about you, it is what you have to say about your brand. You get to shape your brand’s narrative. SEO blogs give you the freedom to build your brand’s story and host it on your page. This also helps to build your brand image. At the same time, having an online presence can also enhance your relationship with your customers.

Boosts Your Credibility and Brand Conversations

When you create informative content like SEO blogs, it builds trust and credibility among your readers. If they like what they read, they will share it on their social media pages. Increased social sharing, will in turn, lead to increased social promotion for your brand with no extra spends. It’s your way of getting them hooked. Regularly updating blogs will keep them coming back for more and spending more time on your website, which will eventually lead to stronger brand patronage and conversions.

Stay Ahead (and Above) Your Competitors

SEO friendly blogs don’t just increase website traffic or get you more website views. It essentially improves your website’s ranking on the results page. When you move up in search results, your website will earn a larger percentage of clicks from your target audience as compared to your competitors – giving you an edge over them.

Improves User Experience

User experience plays a key role in getting maximum visibility and improved site rankings. In fact, user experience and SEO share a common goal. While SEO involves ranking for search engines, it also seeks to answer queries of searchers. This is where SEO and user experience converge. SEO will lead the audience to the content they need and user experience helps by answering their query in the best way possible once the user ends up on the webpage.

Everybody ‘Googles’ It

Everyone having access to the internet first turns to Google (and other search engines) for information. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 74,000 individual search terms are being typed into Google every second making it over 6.3 billion every single day. And some are bound to be from people who are looking for the products or services you’re offering. SEO blogs with needful answers for the audience help you earn high visibility from Google and other search engines. Such organic search is a necessary part of driving business which works in favour of your brand.

Investing in creative writing for blogs and implementing SEO tactics, especially during these uncertain times of a global pandemic will prove to be one of the most fruitful marketing strategies for brands in the long run. 

In today’s day and age, having an online presence is of utmost importance. Creating content in alignment with the needs of your audience makes your brand easily accessible. Pop Communications has the expertise of senior writers well versed in the art of creatively writing blogs that make your brand be seen as a helpful resource. You can reach out to us for populating your website for SEO friendly blogs that make your brand pop!

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